The application of GIS for ecological survey provides great advantages over traditional methods, not least the ability to resolve precisely the location, spatial structure and extent of populations and communities. This removes problems associated with boundary determination and mapping allowing reliable assessment of changes over to time to be made. Such information can be integrated into more detailed management prescriptions, as well as allowing rigorous assessment of outcomes as conservation management activities progress.

Spatially located accurate ecological data also provides an essential prerequisite to thorough environmental impact analyses, allowing more precise remediation and control measures to be implemented. Such precision may allow more effective species and habitat protection while simultaneously reducing development costs.

CS can provide scaleable GIS solutions to all your survey requirements. We offer full ecological survey through to integration into existing surveys, or survey teams, to provide GIS support.


Why use CS Conservation Survey ?

CS combine the latest technology with traditional survey skills to bring a complete GIS-based approach to conservation survey.

Rather than use unsatisfactory methods such as post-digitisation of field drawn impressions, with the potential errors implicit in such techniques, CS incorporate GIS tools into all aspects of ecological survey:

sub-metre GPS positioning of all samples

direct species data-logging to ensure data integrity

advanced rigorously controlled geostatistical analyses complete with prediction accuracy estimates

final outputs ready for integration into existing spatial datasets.


In addition to new survey work we undertake interpretation and digitisation of existing data sources, and offer larger scale survey utilising remote sensing data sources and well as air-photo interpretation. If required, we will source historical imagery where available for long-term temporal change analysis.

If you require any further information please send your enquiry using the Contact icon. Whatever your GIS/ecological query we can probably help.