The quality of service and research depends heavily on the qualities of the people undertaking the work. At CS we believe we offer a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge that matches that available anywhere. Most of our associate staff have completed higher taught or research degrees and have extensive commercial experience. More importantly all are committed to delivering a quality of service that will satisfy your needs.

Adrian R Yallop PhD MSc BSc MIEEM

Ecologist, community statistical analysis. GIS mapping & API. Adrian gained a First in Ecology from the UEA, with a PhD in saltmarsh community interactions from the same institute. Following a desire to update ecological mapping using GPS and GIS he studied for an MSc in GIM from Cranfield University.

He has been involved in conservation ecology since beginning amateur survey for the then BRC Lepidoptera Distribution Map Scheme at the age of 14. He has worked with Urban Conservation Projects, County Wildlife Trusts as well as managed SSSI and CWS sites.

Adrian has as much hair now as the day he was born, and this may have led him to develop a keen interest in the role of transient temporal phenomena in ecological systems.

Philip A Moore MSc BSc BCS

Resource, ecological and geological survey, GIS mapping. Philip is a classically trained cartographer. He has worked within the Directorate of Overseas Surveys providing multidisciplinary support, enabling data to be translated into information for scientific, technical and public consumption.

Following a degree in Astronomy and Planetary Science, he has spent many years in the hydrocarbons resource survey industry. Philip’s achievements have all been set against a cartographic background, where his passion lies. Having helped develop a cataloguing and retrieval system for spatial data he studied geographic information management at Cranfield University. He is now developing techniques of direct data-logging of spatial phenomenon and especially ecological mapping.

Philip has developed a strong attatchment to bananas and frequently takes one for a walk.

Jonathon I Thacker PhD BSc

Vegetation and Terrestrial Invert Survey. Jit has a BSc in Ecology from the UEA, with a particular interest in all creepy-crawlies. This led him to complete a PhD in invertebrate population dynamics from the same institute.

Jit has a commitment to detail that is invaluable, and adds significantly to the quality of the surveys he undertakes. His specialisms are the starting point for an overall knowledge of natural history, with an enthusiasm for new groups that is probably unrivalled.

Jit spent many years experimenting with human diet, and invented the famous Pot-noodle, lard and beer diet for Porton Down as part of a UK government funded programme to debilitate populations with skin problems.

Lee RFD Knight BSc

Freshwater Ecologist. Lee has a First in Biological Sciences from Exeter University. He began work in the water industry, as a fisheries assistant in the NRA, whilst still an undergraduate. Several fisheries contracts followed with the NRA and WRc before he later became a freshwater biologist with the NRA in 1992.

He continued to specialise in aquatic flora and fauna and the monitoring of trade and STW discharges with the NRA and its succesor the Environment Agency. He became a consultant, based in Exeter, in 1997. He has worked for different regions of the Environment Agency, many water companies, and the National Trust.

Lee also has a keen interest in bio-speleology and is the national recorder for hypogean Crustacea. With such fun interests it is hard to see how he sleeps at night, but he manages somehow.

Graham Hopkins PhD BSc

Vegetation and Terrestrial Invert Survey. Graham has a First in Ecology from the University of Liverpool, he then completed a PhD on rarity in aphid ecology from the UEA. Following this he hunted leafminers in Costa Rica for a number of years.

Graham specialises in hoverflies, soldier flies, parasitoid hymenoptera, leeches, molluscs, leafminers, rushes and aphids. As well as this he is a thoroughly competent general botanist and naturalist.

His main leisure interests are working-out at the local gymnasium, playing squash or weight-lifting, his other main interest is interior design. None of these suggestions seem particular outrageous, until you meet him.

Dyfan Barr MSc BSc.

GIS survey and mapping consultant. Dyfan graduated with a first-class physical geography degree, and recently acquired an MSc in Geographical Information Management from Cranfield University. With a diverse background spanning several disciplines, including hydrology, cartography and GIS, Dyfan has quickly established himself as an essential member of the CS team.

Dyfan's interests lie in the use of GIS and Aerial Photography to reconstruct environments and landscapes. He will be spending the summer in Iceland as part of a joint research team reconstructing ice extent on the Tröllaskagi peninsula based on tephrachronological studies and lichenometric dating of Rhizocarpon geographicum.

Dyfan gains friends easily. Some of them are people. He thinks his main interest is women, and one day he hopes to meet a real one. We won't hold our breath.

Rob N Smart MSc BSc.

GIS resource survey mapping. Rob has always wanted to drive a Land Rover, and one day we hope to buy him one. Robs main skills are fitting 2 batteries into Lada Riva, this is 2 too many.

Rob left school at 14 to join the circus, however after a protracted legal struggle his parents were forced to take him back.

Following a shocking accident involving the suspension of a Lada Riva and a small piece of gravel on the road he lost all control of his limbs. At present we control him using strings dangling from a small hot-air ballon which he keeps filled himself.