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Welcome to the Home of CS Conservation Survey: combining the latest technologies with traditional expertise to provide the very best in GIS-based survey for Nature Conservation, the EIA and the Resource Survey Industries.


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Combining sub-metre GPS-located sampling, GIS outputs and integration with ortho-corrected digital imagery, CS offer a new class of ecological survey. We have the expertise across all disciplines required to complete up-to-date ecological survey throughout the UK, with specialists in ecological techniques, GIS survey, analysis and mapping.

We perfom Phase 1, NVC and all other ecological surveys using the latest GIS techniques to produce full GIS vegetation mapping.

In addition to new survey work we can undertake interpretation and digitisation of existing data sources, and offer larger scale survey utilising remote sensing data and air-photo interpretation.

We seek to combine the latest technology with traditional survey skills to bring a new approach to ecological and resource survey. Please browse the services section of this web site for an outline of what we offer.

Whatever your survey requirements the last thing you need are unfulfilled promises or expectations. CS provide a service you can rely on for accuracy and promptness. If we say we can do it, we will.